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Going To Court

Every case is different and sometimes going to court is your best option.

California law requires all parties with custody issues to first attend mediation with a court appointed mediator. This is an essential step in the legal process, even if you do ultimately end up litigating certain issues. Having an attorney who thoroughly understands both processes is more important than ever.

Likewise, property issues may need to be heard in court to ensure a fair division that comports with California's complex and constantly evolving community property laws.

Regardless of the issue, we will take the time to demystify the legal process and give you a good idea of what to expect. We will explain each step, help you feel prepared, and, most of all, develop a strategy to succeed.

Many clients discover that going to court is not nearly as bad as they expected. The court process offers several advantages including a structured environment, clear outcomes and strong enforcement mechanisms—all of which can help move difficult cases in the right direction.

Both attorneys work regularly through the court system and have extensive experience in handling everything from child support cases to complex property litigations. With the right representation, you can feel confident in the legal process and know that you have a skilled and respected advocate working on your side.

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