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Client Testimonials for Brook Foster

"I've known many lawyers both personally and professionally. For years I watched Brook handle my husband's long, difficult custody conflict with his ex. Brook is by far the best advocate for children I've ever met. She worked tirelessly for the children's well being and is obviously well respected in the courtroom. But more than that, she is truly a Counselor. She guided everyone involved with great insight, respect, and firmness. She is simply the best and I recommend her without reservation."

Irene M.

Child custody, visitation and support.

"When I went to court with my first attorney I knew I was in trouble when I realized he was totally unprepared, looking dazed and uncertain throughout the hearing. Needless to say, the outcome for me was disastrous and expensive. My only hope was to see if another attorney could undue what had been done. In my first meeting with Brook I found her to be smart, witty and confident, and I left my office feeling positive about my situation. Brook took on the case and in the end not only turned around the disastrous verdict, but the resolution was even better than I originally intended! Since then Brook has assisted me and my family with other legal matters, most recently our wills and family trust, making that tedious and complicated process easy and understandable. I highly recommend Brook to anyone looking for a skillful attorney and I thank her for saving me literally thousands of dollars."

-Kris D.

Support, financial issues and estate planning.

"During a very difficult time in my life, my therapist referred me to Brook. I realized at my first meeting with Brook that she was going to be a strong advocate for me. I would strongly recommend Brook to anyone who is going through a difficult divorce situation. Brook made it very clear to me that she would be a strong legal advocate but she would not do any "mudslinging," meaning she would she would be forceful but respectful in her dealings with my ex-wife, her attorney and the court. Brook has represented me since 2000. To me and my family, Brook is more than a lawyer, she has become a friend."

-George M.

Child custody and support.

Client Testimonials for Brian Myers

Brian handled my case in a very professional and competent manner. His advice regarding the law and negotiations with the opposing party were clear and effective. He patiently listened to my desires and was understanding as to the direction I wanted to take things. My calls and emails were returned in a timely fashion and he is very responsive to any questions I pose. In this day and age when attorneys are branded as cynical and callous, I am pleased to say that Brian conducts himself with dignity and integrity. I would recommend Brian’s services to anyone in need of family law legal assistance.

- Mike R.

Child custody and support.

Having Brian as my attorney was a great experience. He provides great support by understanding and listening to my needs and working on all the little details that are very important to me. He is professional and has a great understanding of the law.

- Susan N.
Divorce, custody and asset division.

Because of your superb skill in negotiating, your understanding of the court, and the depth of your experience you were able to reach a settlement on my behalf. Since taking over my separation you have made it easy for me to understand what is at stake and what is in my best interest. The emotional drain on me was significant, and I am glad you were there. I am no longer feeling defeated, and I am looking forward to life with a renewed spirit and vigor. Brian, you are largely responsible for making room in my life for serenity. Thank you.”

Angela B.

Non-marital co-habitation and asset division.

Divorce is not an easy experience to go through. That’s why it was so helpful to have a knowledgeable, professional, kind, committed (and last but not least – affordable) attorney such as Brian to help along the way.

- Jana K.
Divorce and asset division.

"I wanted to thank you again for how pleasant my experience with you was. Although my need for your services ended up being short lived, I felt comfortable and confident working with you. I appreciate your counsel and was very satisfied with your manner of practice."

Brandy K.

Child custody.

Brian, the thought of going through a divorce petrified me. Having you as my lawyer made me feel at ease. You are not just my attorney you stood by me like a friend. Thank you for everything you do.”

- Karen D.
Divorce, custody and asset division.

As a father I was initially unsure about my parental rights. Brian was there for me every step of the way! He reassured me of my rights and assisted me through the custody process. Brian made me and my son's well being his priority at all times. He was always professional, available, and most of all, personable.

- Chris F.
Child custody and visitation.

Brian did an excellent job representing me. I feel that he honestly had my daughter’s best interest at heart. He made me feel like more than just another divorce and custody case. He showed empathy and understanding when things were overwhelming to me. It was so important to know that Brian was doing all he could to make sure my daughter and I got what was best for us. Thank you Brian!

Jessica W.

Divorce, custody and parent move away.

"Thank you again for all your help. I'm sure we'll be crossing paths in the future, hopefully under better circumstances. Good luck with your family and your practice and job well done!"

Steve T.

Child custody.

Brian was very consistent, reliable and answered all the questions I had. He always took the time to explain the steps so there were no surprises. He definitely has my recommendation. Thank you!

Shell S.

Child custody, visitation and support.

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